Welcome to the alpha release of the TJADB inventory website. This website is used by TJADB members to upload their custom TJA charts, to share the enjoyment of Taiko no Tatsujin style games with the wider community and world. Charts are available in the original language, as well as with English translations. Check out the browse page for a list of the songs currently hosted on the TJADB website.
Help us out!

This website and accompaning Discord bot is currently running off a low-resource, personal, development server. We would like to rent a dedicated server, so that the development server can again be used for development, the website can run on good hardware with a stable Internet connection, and we will have more resources available to bring you better features!

We also appreciate everyone who helps us out! While we want to keep the majority of the features available to everyone, we do offer some small benefits to our supporters. You can check them out on the donation page .

How do I submit TJA's?
During the first release, TJA submisions are limited to members of the TJADB Discord server. Before submitting a TJA, please have someone in the #tja-general channel of the Discord server verify if the TJA is properly made. Once you received confirmation, fill out the spreadsheet, pinned in #tja-publishing , and send it to Pidgey#8387 , with a request to insert it into the TJADB database. This process will be smoother in future iterations of the website.
Get involved!
Want to get involved in the development of the TJADB website? You can! You can contribute in many ways: Coding, Web development, Art, Testing, Bug hunting, and of-course, providing content!
You can provide content in different ways as well. The most obvious one is, of course, the addition of new TJA's (make sure you own the rights to the chart). But you can help in different ways as well. If you look at the menu bar, you will see some links that currently lead nowhere. One of which is "Guides". If you feel like writing some guides on certain TJA players, charting, etc, get in touch with the moderators of the TJADB Discord, and tell them what guides you would like to add. Once they give the green-light, make your guides and get in touch with @Pidgey once ready. He will add your page to the website, once signed off by the mods.

Would you rather make assets for the website or Discord bot, such as the banner, menu bar, background or profile picture? Get in touch with @Pidgey for the requirements.

Would you rather help out with coding? You can find the repository on GitHub. Since no fixed rules around the development or roadmap are set in stone, please touch base with the dev team to make sure your code will be approved later down the road.